Case Study: The Coffee Club

Opportune recently worked with the national coffee shop franchise The Coffee Club to deliver employee based training aimed at attracting talent, promote the internal training program and to demonstrate that working at The Coffee Club is a serious career opportunity.

What problem was The Coffee Club looking to solve?

The Coffee Club wanted to attract and keep the best quality talent in a highly competitive labour market. Also, they had an established internal training program but wanted more staff participation. They also had a problem with staff turn-over. To retain staff for longer they wanted to demonstrate to staff that The Coffee Cub was a great place to build their career, not just a job.

How did Opportune play a role?

Opportune Professional Development implemented our Experience Based Qualifications which mapped the Coffee Club in-house training program to align with nationally recognised qualifications such as a Certificate III, Certificate IV or a Diploma of Hospitality. This gave some serious appeal to these training programs which previously were only recognised with The Coffee Club network. We also accessed government funding options to support the cost of the training program implementation.

What were the outcomes for The Coffee Club?

    30% increase in the uptake of the internal training programs given the national recognition they now received.

    84% of the staff who enrolled in training were retained for at least a further 12 months.

    96% of staff who started the Experience Based Qualification program received their qualification which is three times the industry average. Our expert skills coaches lead all students through the process which is what makes our programs so successful.

    100% of participants said they would recommend the program to others, encouraging higher enrolments.

    The Coffee Club also received industry recognition as an Employer of Choice.

“The entire program was seamless and has delivered beyond our expectations. This has been one of the best Training Partner rollouts we have undertaken”

Tammy Ryder, GM People and Culture, Coffee Club

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